Travis E. Ross

Historian of capitalism, knowledge, and the Pacific World

Travis E. Ross, PhD

Headshot of Travis E. Ross

I am a researcher, teacher, and public historian with a PhD in history from the University of Utah. Originally from western Montana, I currently live with my wife and two children in New England.

I teach in the Department of History at Yale University, where I am also a Fellow of Benjamin Franklin College.

I advise senior theses in history on a wide range of topics, but especially American regional history, the history of capitalism, book history, or the history of science. Yale College history majors searching for an advisor or a thesis topic are welcome to send me an email or to drop by my office on Old Campus to discuss their thesis.

My upcoming Yale College courses include:

  • HIST/AMST 141: The American West (Lecture, Fall 2019)
  • HIST 155/AMST 255: California Capitalism (Lecture, Spring 2020)
  • HIST 019/AMST 028: The History of the Book in the American West (First-year seminar, Spring 2020)